100 word Challenge 2023

The 2023 competition is now closed, the certificate has been presented, and the prize awarded.  

The winning entry, runners up, and judges comments, are all on this page


The 100 Word Tale challenge will open again for entries in June 2024, Once again the challenge is to produce a Tale in 100 words, such as Wilson would have recognised.  A complete miniature story, but that may be any genre, set in any time and any place.  Wilson knew about trains and ships, but not about cell phones, lasers, space travel, or even aircraft.  
What makes a good story that gets related, one to anther in the cold evenings of winter, or across the bar room table?  You (and the judges) will decide. 

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The 2023 Winner is David Turnbull, with “She Sells Seashells”

She Sells Seashells 

A fisherman’s wife went to the lopsided hut by the seashore to purchase a shell for a spell.  The beguiling witch of the tides sat cross legged on her porch with her cormorant familiar perched blackly on the rickety roof.

“My husband is unfaithful,” explained the wife.  “I want to fill his belly with a squirming brace of eels.  Perhaps a seagull could peck out his eyes?”

The witch produced a periwinkle and whispered a potent rhyme, reminding herself to alert the fisherman when he came creeping through the dunes at midnight to cover her in his deliciously salty kisses.

The Judges commented.
Seaside Tweedmouth imagery, with perhaps a touch of Milk Wood which leads to an unexpected conclusion.

David submitted the following bio information (unseen by the judging process) 
“David Turnbull was born in Edinburgh and grew up in Galashiels. He now lives in South East London and is a member of the Clockhouse London group of SciFi and horror writers as well as an accredited tour guide for the Lambeth Tour Guides Association. He has had numerous short stories published in magazines and anthologies.  His stories have also been featured at Liars League London events and read at other live events such as Solstice Shorts and Virtual Futures. His blog Lambeth Fantastical can be found here https://lambethfantastical.blogspot.com/ “