100 word Challenge 2024 Rules/Details

The Wilson’s Tales Project Tale writing competition launches again for 2024.

It started as a bit of fun.  But now it has gone international.

Writing Competition Terms and Conditions:
The competition is to produce a Tale in exactly 100 words, not including the title. Like all Tales, it should have a discernible beginning, middle and end.

Copyright:  Copyright of all works submitted for competitions remains with the author. Wilson’s Tales may use the story in connection with the competition within its publicity and on its website.
Previous publication:  All entries must be original, previously unpublished, in English, written by one human author, and not have won an award in any previous competition.  Self-published entries are acceptable.
Changes to entries:  Once an entry has been submitted, it cannot be modified in any way.  Please ensure that your entry is in its final form before submitting.  Number of Entries: Each competitor may enter up to three (3) entries.
Judging:  The competition is judged blind by a panel of judges. Decisions of the judges on all matters are final and the judges reserve the right to withhold awards if no entry reaches an appropriate standard.
Deadline:  The deadline for all competitions is midnight on the closing date.
Winner Announcement:  The listed entries and winners will be announced at the Wilson Memorial Dinner held in early October, on the website and in Social media and press releases.
Prize Payment: The winner(s) will be contacted, and any prize money will be transferred using Paypal or UK bank transfer, according to the wishes of the recipient. Any currency conversion fees remain the responsibility of the recipient.

Entry Format: – IMPORTANT
Entries will only be accepted by email. Your email must contain:
The Title.
Your name, with a country and postcode (zip code)
A short biography of up to 200 words, with an optional photo for use in publicity of listed and winning entries
THE ATTACHMENT: your entry, as an attachment in plain text (.txt, .rtf format. Your name must NOT appear on the attachment, it will be linked by title to your entry.
Entries not meeting the criteria will be excluded.

Send single or multiple submissions to –    100Words@WilsonsTales.co.uk 

Click Here for the 100 word Challenge Poster

For 2024 – Audio format.
As the competition has progressed, the judging panel has noted how much more our entrants are able to pack into 100 words, and in 2023 it became necessary to provide printed copies of the entries read out at the the award Dinner, because the richness of the shortlisted items demanded a second or third reading to extract the huge pictures being painted.

Accordingly then, all entrants are invited – not required – to submit an audio file of someone, not necessarily themselves, reading their work. This will NOT be heard by the judges, but may form part of the PR of the Dinner and the Project, in the same way as the printed entry, as described above. A phone recording is acceptable, but to ensure a good quality, we provide the following guidelines.

How best to provide an audio file using a mobile phone.

1. A phone can be used for a quality recording, but you may need to take care in the way you set it up.

2. Find a place with no or low ambient noise. Listen out for traffic, TV sound overspill, wind noises, and choose appropriately or await a better time.

3. Place the phone in front of you on a table, on a tablecloth or covering to prevent sound reflection from a hard surface.

4. Be seated comfortably, in a chair or stool with no creaks!

5. Have a couple of run-throughs, and listen back.

6. Have a script written out. Easier to avoid any ‘erm’ stumbles or unwanted pauses.

7. Begin with
“( Title)
a short pause about a second to second and a half
“By …….”
a short pause again

The story.

A longer pause

and if you wish to provide any more information about the inspiration or the content or whatever, then please do.

8. Listen back to the overall thing, then when you’re happy, send it as an audio file, WAV or MP3 to 100words@wilsonsTales.co.uk. all items will be acknowledged



The First 100 Word Tale
The first Tale in the first edition of Wilson’s Tales of the Borders was ‘The Vacant Chair’. It is 4200 words of tragedy, suspense, and joyful ending. Here it is morphed into 100 words?   – and with a humorous ending.

The Vacant Chair

Poor Tom Elliot.  
Snatched by smugglers on his 18th birthday.  Enslaved on a Dutch man o’war  Forced to fight the English, then the French, who took him prisoner.  Finally escaped – now aged 30.  
Battled his way back, to the Christmas feast where his parents still kept a vacant chair awaiting his homecoming.  Finally, surrounded by his loved ones, he sank exhausted into the chair that had stood unused these 12 years past.  
All watched horrified as the chair legs crumbled. throwing Tom backwards to crack his head on the hearthstone.  He lay motionless.  
“Dead!” cried his dad.  “Murdered! By woodworm!”  





© Joe Lang 2019.  All Rights Reserved

– Click here for the full 4200 word ‘Vacant Chair’ Tale –