100 Word Tales

A Small Tale…
…and perhaps a cheeky one…
…or, a humorous one…

You may have seen that the Wilson’s Tales Project began a lighthearted aside in the shape of a ‘challenge’? to produce a Tale in 100 words. 

It started at a Wilson Memorial Literary Dinner, as a bit of fun.  Who knew that the entire Tale of The Vacant Chair could be morphed into 100 words?   (see below, it took Wilson 5,000, and didn’t have the humorous ending)

The results are so varied, so readable, so entertaining, that we’re asking for more.     

There are no limits on subject, era, or location.  All genres welcome.  Usual strictures about decorum of course.  Current affairs and political satire is OK – but be aware that it ages.  This year’s  clown as outside candidate is next years finger on the nuclear trigger.  

The only requirement is that it have a beginning and end, and that it have exactly 100 words, not including the title.  

Come on – you know you have 100 words lying around unused, and you can use them in almost any order..  No time limits – this is ongoing.  

Single or multiple submissions to –    WilsonsTales@gmail.com 

Enjoy yourself – pick up a pen and make a start

The Vacant Chair

Poor Tom Elliot.  

Snatched by smugglers on his 18th birthday.  Enslaved on a Dutch man o’war  Forced to fight the English, then the French, who took him prisoner.  Finally escaped – now aged 30.  

Battled his way back, to the Christmas feast where his parents still kept a vacant chair awaiting his homecoming.  Finally, surrounded by his loved ones, he sank exhausted into the chair that had stood unused these 12 years past.  

All watched horrified as the chair legs crumbled. throwing Tom backwards to crack his head on the hearthstone.  He lay motionless.  

“Dead!” cried his dad.  “Murdered! By woodworm!”  

© Joe Lang 2019.  All Rights Reserved

A bit of ‘small print’
There are no prizes, as such, neither, currently, do we pay, or request payment, for submissions.  A selection, good, bad, ugly, beautiful, will appear on the website, and may be re-used in promotional material, in printed compendiums, or at events.  The author maintains copyright, and full attribution will be given.