I am pleased to announce our autumn revival events being staged as part of the Berwick literary festival from 20th October to 23rd October. Full details and tickets now available from the Maltings, using the following links.

On Thursday we premier Robert Wilkinson’s take on “the poor scholar” , will be hearing Wilson poem about the Tweed and inviting guests to come down to the official opening of our “pop up “ museum.


On Saturday, we see the revival of the immensely amusing play “Willie Wastle’s account of his wife”. It has a lot of humour , human conflict and an insight to its times and resistance to change. The Tale itself is based on an earlier Burns poem and is one of my favourite tales. The original cast are resembling for this production and I am sure it will not disappoint.


We will also run our pop up museum for the duration of the festival at 10a Bridge street car park. This will include showings of the various tales we have so far captured on film. Do call and see this if you can and give us some feedback.

We are also looking for some volunteers to help man it for brief shifts!

For those of you wanting to make a full weekend of entertainment in Berwick, more details of the literary festival can be found at:


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