It’s been a busy autumn. 2 Live events, our Pop Up Museum and the launch of Volume 3, now available either directly from us at £8-50 (cheques payable to The Wilsons Tales Project) or at Grieves in Berwick. 6 more tales and their background  together with 5 new illustrations by local artists and the next instalment of Wilson’s biography.

An excellent Christmas present idea!  

Over 350 attended one or more events with us during 4 days of the Berwick Literary festival. Feedback on our Pop Up Museum  was very good. There were 243 visitors 86% found it fascinating and 98% would recommend it. Many came back for a second visit and 61% spent over 15 minutes there and 20% more than 1/2 hour. Most thought it could have a permanent place as part of Berwick’s cultural offering.

 We got some useful feedback and chance to experiment with concepts. Most negative feedbacks were venue specific or that they didn’t have a long enough opportunity to take it all in.

The challenge is to see if we can make it into something more permanent!

Wilson’s Tales at the Scottish story telling centre.

 Charles Nasmyth provided the front cover illustration for Volume 3 and is providing more for next year as an illustrated interpretation of an entire Tale. He will be working on this at the Scottish Story Telling Centre, on The Royal Mile , Edinburgh as part of his exhibition running there from 7th November till 26th and he will be there in person working on his tale on 17th November between 10.30 and 2.30.





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