30 March 2014 – Red Hall and Royal Raid – Guildhall, Berwick-upon-Tweed

Over 50 people enjoyed the event at Berwick’s historic Guildhall on the anniversary of the fall of Berwick 718 years ago. The evening consisted of;

“The Red Hall; Berwick 1296” – An interpretation through paper-plate relief prints by local artist Morag Eaton, which told the tale of the siege and sacking of Berwick by King Edward I. Morag Eaton gave a talk on her work, the tale and her interpretation.

“The Royal Raid” – Adaption of a short play by retired local Doctor Michael Fenty, based on an interpretation of the story behind the earlier Border Ballad “The Border Widow”, which was sung at the end of the event.

“The Siege” – a work in progress – Joe Lang from the Berwick 900 Project gave us an update on his project to update “The Siege”, which deals with Edward III’ s siege of Berwick. ‘The Siege’ will be presented in 2016. There was also a general update about the 900 Project.

“The Border Widow” – A Border ballad sung to round off the event