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What’s it all about?

Based in Berwick upon Tweed, where they started, the Wilson’s Tales Project has been created by a group of volunteers to stimulate a revival of interest in the Tales.  Constantly republished throughout the English-speaking world in the 19th century, in 1947, when the 1934 centenary edition was reprinted the Tales as a published body of work were slipping into obscurity.

The Wilson’s Tales Project aims to raise awareness of the original Tales and provide a platform for contemporary artists of all types to respond to and re-tell them in modern ways to modern audiences.
This has included live performances by story tellers, musicians singing the original ballads on which many were based, and stage and radio play adaptations of the Tales in historic venues.
In addition, we have published our own ‘Revival Editions’ of Tales, each one retold in modern language and with an accompanying item setting out the historical accuracy, or otherwise, of the original.

There are a number of initiatives already in hand

  • Restoring Wilsons grave and tombstone.
  • Re-telling and researching selected Tales
  • Running events, including dramatisations and readings
  • Producing a definitive catalogue of the Tales, and their locations
  • We are looking for reading groups to read and rate the tales to compile ‘reviews’
  • We are also looking for aspiring writers to re-write Tales into more easily accessible English.
  • Each of our re-told Tales is researched to discover any factual and historical basis for the story and its setting.
  • We produce an ocassional newsletter giving details of our events and progress.  You can read some here

We’re always pleased to welcome new volunteers, we are a friendly bunch, and there is always plenty to do.  Drop us an email and we’ll be in touch.

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