The Wilson Literary Supper

Wilson died on 2nd October 1835 , and to celebrate his life and work, the Project has initiated a Literary Supper in his honour.  First held in 2018, the 183rd anniversary of his death, it is becoming a part of our annual cycle of events.
Attendance is by invitation, and attendees are regaled by a recitation of Wilson’s poem ‘Beans & Bacon, the tale of Toby Toothpick.’

Apart from the supper, which challenges the chefs to produce something on the theme of beans and bacon, other readings and performances entertain the diners.
Introduced in 2019, diners also are expected to sing for their supper, and are invited to produce, and recite, a Tale, in exactly 100 words, but on any theme and in any period they choose, though naturally something which fits within the  genre is usually forthcoming.