Annual Dinner 2023

It seems only right that J.M. Wilson should be recognised for more than his accomplishment in producing the Tales of the Borders.

He also produced a body of poetry, and wrote extensively on matters of the day in his positions editor, therefore opinion former, in the Berwick Advertiser.  His use of early news gathering by way of speedy transport of London letters gave the Advertiser an advantage by bringing the latest news to the area, so his editorials may be expected to have carried some weight.

The Project has instigated an annual dinner, held in October of each year, near the anniversary of his death.  His humorous poem Beans and Bacon is taken as the inspiration for the menu, based as it is upon a poor wretch penniless and hungry, which probably reflects his own state whilst in London.

Apart from dining, entertainment is provided in the form of readings and performances of some of his work, with entries to the 100 word challenge being presented.

For 2023, the event is being held on October 2nd at 7:00 for 7:30.
The venue is  The Maltings, Berwick’s theatre in the centre of the town.

Tickets are available via the shop by clicking here.