Book at Bedtime

Wilson’s Tales present all manner of stories, some of them richly decorated with characters and events that are redolent of the period.  Most of them present facets of people and life that have stayed unchanged, and are reflected in society today.

There may have been time to enjoy and read a Tale on a Sunday evening, when there was nothing, nothing else, to do.  Nowadays we have many calls on our time, and the project is working toward being able to re-tell Tales in audio format.

Here is Tale 1740 – The Monks of Drybrough.  brought to life by Kevin Archer and re-written by Richard Wilson for its appearance in Volume 7.  It is here presented as a reading rather than a dramatisation.  A mere 7 minutes for an entire Tale.

Please – Listen to it, and let us know if you would like to hear more Tales transferred to audio.

2 thoughts on “Book at Bedtime”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this Tale and feel that many would enjoy hearing many of the Tales encapsulated in such a succinct way.
    These could be really useful for so many folk who find that reading from the printed page is difficult, which can be for so many reasons.
    I love reading and don’t always enjoy long audible versions as concentration can wander.The radio often offers instalment readings of books which I enjoy and these short versions of Wilson’s Tales could be really popular via that medium in the future. Could that help in seeking funding opportunities for the Project?

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