‘Nautical Tales’ at Paxton House on Sunday 26th October 2014

This event is focusing on a selection of nautical tales. Program as attached and further reports from the producers below.

Mary Kenny , one of the star performers from our first Paxton is presenting the tale and song “Tibby Fowler”.
“Tibbie Fowler  of the story and Tibbie Fowler of the well -known song share little but the name- and well,  perhaps a heap of gold, and certainly a bunch of very suspect suitors!
But the woman herself is very different. In Wilson’s story she cuts a romantic and resourceful figure in a tale of rags and riches as her fortunes are swept up in the stormy sea of life.  Yet her namesake in song is portrayed as a proud and haughty flirt!
There are traces in the land and in history  to which both characters have a claim, though fifty or more miles separates them.

However, both get an airing here, and you may make your own minds up…maybe the song was written by one of those false lovers midst the sour grapes of jealousy?”

The Belford Players are presenting “The Prisoner of War” adapted as a multi media presentation by Christine Fletcher.
“Successful first read through with our two best women and they were able to find things in the characters which I’d never even thought about…so, that’s good.
The performance will run for 30 minutes….first 10 will be information/talk/establishing character/setting…..then variety with action and singing….then last 10 minutes we make use of projected images of ships/carnage on deck at time to support spoken words..  ”

Joe Lang and friends will be presenting the “Monomaniac”. adapted as a play by Dr Michael Fenty.
“This is a tale which portrays the very real threats and traumas and adventure’s that befell ordinary people as they travelled to various parts of the globe as Britain’s global influence and Empire days spread. It also is   perhaps one of the first attempts to describe what we would now recognise as “post-traumatic stress”. It will be a very intimate presentation in the confines of one of Paxton’s period bedrooms.”

The event will involve a promenade through the house with he three plays being told in different rooms. Paxton will be offering the chance to purchase refreshment at appropriate moments in the proceedings.

Hope to see you there.

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