Special Offer! Volume 8 AND 7


Volumes 7 & 8 Offer
Wilson – What was he like?
‘Retelling the Tales -The Ongoing Legacy’
The Rival Sheriffs of Teviotdale
Rattling, Roaring Willie:
The Monk of St Anthony:
The Lost Heir of the House of Elphinstone:
The Battle of Dryffe Sands:
Lord Kames’s Puzzle:
Midside Maggie & The Snowball in June.
The Death of the Chevalier de la Beuté
The Whitsome Tragedy 
Hume & the Gypsy Maid
The Monks of Dryburgh
Laird Rorieson’s Will

and 100 Word Tales


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Good news  – due to our usual outlets being closed when Volume 7 came out, we are offering Volume 7 and 8 for a combined price of only £15.00.

This offer brings you our two latest volumes – containing a round dozen Tales, with their backgrounds, Young Writers stories, 100 Word Tales, plus editorial:-
‘Wilson – What was he Like?’
‘Retelling the Tales -The Ongoing Legacy’

Volume 8 – Tales
The Rival Sheriffs of Teviotdale
: What can be done when a Chivalrous man, and a Good man, come to such a state? If they were men of words then perhaps good reason could be sought, but Knights are not as such, and sword and steed will do.
Rattling, Roaring Willie: When acting the braggart, the drunkard and all together bawdy fellow has its uses.
The Monk of St Anthony: Even a fat and friendly friar finds themselves with few friends during war.
The Lost Heir of the House of Elphinstone: Smugglers, sea pirates, stolen lands and the promise of a lovers hand. No, not some self made count of French fame, but a far more local fable.
The Battle of Dryffe Sands: A well trod road, or ridden at least. When border men are given spurs for their supper, they have best learn to fill their bellies with battle.
Lord Kames’s Puzzle: A mysterious babe, thrust into another’s hands, with the promise to say it is not the child of Napier. Can a lawyer’s pen and enquiring mind solve this question of heritage and inheritance?
100 Word Tales

Volume 7 Contains 6 Tales,
Midside Maggie & The Snowball in June.
In an age of famine and feuding a good woman does all she can to be honest and reward the kindness of others
The Death of the Chevalier de la Beuté
Where even the fair of face find themselves victims of law and vengeance
The Whitsome Tragedy 
A story of family, both born and found as blood is spit on border ground.  Reiver turned Roundhead as civil war provides canvas for familial strife.
Hume & the Gypsy Maid
Woodland fright for a man daring to walk the moors at night, but perhaps there’s more to his pursuing sprite if only there were a light.
The Monks of Dryburgh
A poorly hatched plot earns a richly deserved reward for those that would use the Cloth for coin.
Laird Rorieson’s Will
(Re-told here as Albert Rorieson’s Will.)
Deeds and misdeeds as money makes mockery of friendship

with –
Young Writers Stories
A Town Like no Other
The Return of the Heart
Adventure in the Borders

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