Known Editions

When were Wilson’s tales Published?

The Original Tales were published from 8th November 1834 in weekly instalments through to 24th October 1840 , by which time 312 editions had been published containing 485 tales.

There were various “reprints” as the ongoing publishing continued and they were subsequently available in 6 , 3 and 2 volume sets , of similar dimensions to a family bible.

Smaller format versions subsequently became available in the late 1800’s , principally published by the Walter Scott Publishing Co., who’s edition extended to 24 Volumes.

A one volume selection of The Tales were published in 1934 , the centenary of their first publication , which was released again in 1947. 

Publishing rights seem to have been owned by various companies over the years and indeed in different parts of the world. There were certainly American and Australian editions.

Not all editions actually include the publication date, but research of copies in private ownership, public libraries and available through on line book sellers seem to suggest publications subsequent to the originals  in:

1830’s     John Sutherland, Edinburgh
1840’s     Ainsworth, Manchester
1848        Robert T Shannon, New York.
1857-59  revised edition , edited by Alex Leighton. W P Nimmo.
1857        Ward & Lock
1857        William P Nimmo
1857        Thomas & Niven (Australian editions)
1860’s?    Adam & Co
1869        The Walter Scott publishing co
1870’s (?) William Mackenzie
1870        The Tyne Publishing Co
1880        Gall & Inglis
1881       The Edinburgh Publishing Co
1881        edited with notes by James Tait. Joseph Irving
1883        McCready.

1889       Walter Scott.
1892        Walter Scott.
1895        Gall & Inglis
1877        Ward Locke & Bowden
1881        Edinburgh Publishing Co.
1884        Cassell & Co ; Cassell’s “Red Library”
1899       Ward, Locke & Bowden
1907       Gall & Inglis
1911        Gall & Inglis
1934      The Moray Press
1947      The Ettrick Press
1991      edited by Michael Brander, Mainstream Publishing.

“The Tales” were seldom out of print in the 1800’s and were still being given as school prizes in the early 19th century.

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