Tales on the Web

‘Wilsons Tales of the Borders’ is amazingly well represented on the internet.   Now out of copyright, many, but not all, are available as texts, and some in ebook format.   Here is a list of sites where you can find downloads, or purchase real, paper books for your bookcase.

Book Sales.

We are supported by a number of local retail bookshops, and of course we would like to support them, so if you are looking for a Revival Edition and would like to avoid the inevitable postage, you can try any of the following:
Slightly Foxed, Bridge street, Berwick.  :     https://business.facebook.com/slightlyfoxedberwick/
Berwick Heritage Centre, Walkergate, Berwick  : https://berwickhods.org.uk
Greives, Church St , Berwick  : https://www.facebook.com/Geo-C-Grieve-Ltd-214226152007347/
Main street Trading, Main Street, St Boswells  : https://www.mainstreetbooks.co.uk/online-bookshop
The Reading Room, The Square, Melrose  : https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/thereadingroommelrose
The Village Shop, Cornhill-0n Tweed.   : https://www.facebook.com/CornhillVillageShop

The Originals

Most of the websites use scanned copies of the 6 volume standard set.  Here are locations for a set.
Volume 1    Volume2   Volume 3   Volume 4   Volume 5  Volume 6

Download sites

Project Gutenberg – all formats, plain text and many readers.   Project Gutenberg is an attempt to provide every book out of copyright to every person on the planet.   They provide most popular formats – text, PDF, epub, Kindle, and more.   Click Here to go to the Wilsons Tales pages,

Electric Scotland
A site for everything regarding Scotland, it’s curated from a charming ex-pat Scot several thousand miles away, and is to be recommended as a resource in itself, apart from the Wilson’s Tales material.
You may go to the Wilson’s Tales header page here  where there are a series of tales accessible in a formatted way.  Alternatively, as stated on the page, you can read facsimile volumes at the Internet Archive, as referenced above.  They are scanned copies however, so, whilst readable, they are not high quality transcriptions.

Internet Archive
Now holds scanned versions of the 6 volume set, together with a multitude of other editions and selections.
You can access the search page here

On-line versions
A free iBook of all the tales can be found here.  It’s a spiced up copy of the Gutenberg public domain texts.

Internet sales
A search will show copies being offered for sale at most of the book seller sites. Here are just a sample.
Abebooks, click here.
Biblio, click here.
Oxfam, click here.
Amazon, click here.

Buying on Ebay.

There are usually copies of the Tales on Ebay.  Take Care, as Ebay sellers seem to equate leather bindings with huge prices. Check the edition and the volume(s).   Click here to run a search over ebay

Other websites of relevance

Scotiana – Scottish ‘stuff’
Google makes an attempt here…