Waiting for the weather

A week to go until the official Maiden Voyage, and we’re longing to have a couple of sea trial sessions to become accustomed to the handling.
Force 5 to 7 and up to 8 today though, so no launches.

We DID fit the stretchers to the floors, so rowing will become much easier.  Racing starts here we come.
Meantime, our Listed Building restoration team have been busy withe mantra of ‘Let there be light’  and have reglazed three of the windows now, shutters still to refix.  What a difference!  When you enter the place it’s looking far more shipshape – a coat of paint on the walls worked wonders,  some daylight works more.

I have to say, with all the fittings now attached, the late evening sun streaming in, the Pride of Aln  really is a boat to take some pride in.  All the many people who had a hand in building her really do have something to take pride in, and the comments from passers by suggests that our community is equally proud and pleased to see her, and see the Lifeboat House with a boat once more.



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