Wilsons Tales Project Revival event no.4 – ‘Tales of Honour, Humour & Horror.’

We are pleased to announce details of our fourth “revival” event presenting a retelling of a selection of tales. These are attracting a growing audience with over 60 attending our last 2 events and the Paxton event selling out. To the left is the cast of ‘The Monomanic’ taken in the Picture Gallery at Paxton House at the time of the first performance in November 2014.

Our next event will be at Berwick Town (Guild) Hall on 15th March at 7-30, so reserve the date now. Tickets will shortly be available through the Maltings.

The format of this event and tales included will be:

Introduction to the evening and update on the Wilsons tales project  – Andrew Ayre

‘Judith the Egyptian’. A tale gypsies and romance gone wrong set in the Norham area, recited by professional story teller Mary Kenny.

‘The monks of Drybrugh’. As a radio style play. This a humorous tale adapted by Dr Michael Fenty and presented by the Duns players.

‘The Monomaniac’. This is a second presentation of the performance at Paxton of a very strong piece of drama covering the misadventures of a young bride arising on a passage to India and the consequences of this. This again has been adapted as a play by Dr Michael Fenty. It is produced by Joe Lang , stars the talented young actress Abigail Hood, who responded to our public appeal for someone to step forward and fill the role, with Joe, Jackie Kaines and Stuart Faed in supporting roles. We are delighted to give a wider audience a second chance to see this.

‘A follow up email will follow with a link to the Maltings box office when ticket sales up and running , but please reserve the date now! Please also pass on details to anyone you think may be interested, as with a zero marketing budget , we do very much rely on word of mouth and spreading of the event by Followers and supporters.

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