Wilson’s Women; Heroines & Harlots

Our next, 6th revival event is now organised for Sunday 27th March and tickets available from the Maltings , link below:

Poster Wilson’s Women Heroines & Harlots



A new venue for us at the Watchtower Gallery in Tweedmouth.


Our theme this spring is “Wilson’s Women” , portraying some of the brave , bright and Belligerent women featured in The Tales. Wilson was very much a writer who recognised the central role women played in so many aspects of society and family life and their role in history.


Mary Kenny who has worked with us on several occasions will tell the tale of Kate Kennedy. Alice Dobie and colleagues form Northumbria University drama department have been challenged to present The Guidewife of Coldingham and David Martin, a winner of our young film makers award, will present a shortened version of the Belford Players tale of Grizzell Cochrane: A Tale of Tweedmouth Muir on film. The latter two of them based on true local events and history , the latter tale of Grizzell Cochrane, like the Errington Tale , almost too far-fetched to be true, but largely true it is.


So I hope you can get the date in your diary and we look forward to seeing you.


In the meantime we work on our 3rd revival edition for publication in the autumn. We have invited 6 local artists to help illustrate this with new illustrations to accompany some of the old ones. We are also delighted to have secured a contribution from Charles Nasmyth (who published the much praised illustrated “The comic legend of William McGonagall”), and he has offered to take on a whole tale for us in 2017.


We have had mixed success with funding applications of recent but are building resource and working towards our plans for a “pop up “ museum about Wilson and the Tales in the Autumn. The Portas fund has given us some welcome support , but the Lottery turned us down and we have had success in finding some sponsors for our films. Fergyspace the storage company at Cramlington recently agreeing to be sponsors of The Errington Film.

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